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  • Why We Recommend Garaga

    Garaga: Where Quality Can Be Beautiful

    With over 15 years of experience, we have worked on countless garage doors. In our experience, the best brand on the market is Garaga. Their doors are well-built, made of quality materials, and specially constructed for our climate. Garaga doors are made to last.

    At Garaga of Ashland County, we always recommend Garaga when it comes to new garage doors. We have installed their doors throughout the region, including Ashland, Rickland, Mansfield, Norwalk, Huron, Lorain, Medina, Wayne, Holmes, Knox, Morrow, Crawford and Seneca counties. Their door models are also beautiful, making them a great choice for all styles of residential home.

    The Garaga Advantage

    A leader in the industry, Garaga relies on top-quality materials for all of their garage doors. Their manufacturing process is first-rate, as they make proper production standards a priority. Every garage door is professionally built and inspected, ensuring a consistent final product.

    The Garaga advantage includes:

    • The best insulation on the market. Garaga doors are very energy efficient, thanks to their thermal break system. Their high R-value doors will save you money while keeping you protected from the outside weather.

      High density pressure-injected polyurethane foam    Triple-contact and airtight interlocking joints between each panel    Double-lip ThermaBlok frame weatherstripping    Flexible U-shaped bottom weather-stripping

    • Rock-solid construction. With their reinforced tracks, metal plates and high density panels, Garaga doors are built to last.
    • Elegant design. From modern to colonial to cottage country, there’s a design that’s perfect for your home. Garaga doors can be customized to your liking, with many color, hardware and window options.

    Garaga Does It Like No One Else

    Other garage door manufacturers just can’t compete with Garaga’s workmanship. Their doors are durable yet beautiful. They are perfect for your new construction project or your current home renovation.

    Since Garaga has a wide range of door styles, there’s a door for every budget. Their warranty offers peace of mind, as you know they stand behind their product.

    Family-Run Business

    At Garaga of Ashland County, we understand the pride of being a family-run business since we’ve done it for years. Founded in 1983, Garaga is also family owned and operated. With their focus on safety, integrity, teamwork and respect, they have become industry leaders.

    When clients ask us which garage door they should buy, we always recommend a Garaga brand garage door. They are easy to customize and work well with all home styles. With its quality construction and good looks, you won’t regret your new GARAGA garage door!

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